Saturday, January 10, 2015

Yahoo! Headed to orbit and the ISS!

We are all smiles here at UFSpaceplants! Holy cow it is great to see Dragon headed to the ISS, finally, and we are all both relieved and excited. We watched the launch from Gainesville and were lucky enough to have weather to see it very clearly.

Now we get down to the business of conducting the experiment: Finalizing schedules, lining up flights to Glenn Research Center for the LMM work, getting the ground controls started, and generally making sure that we effectively move from the grind of get-ready-stay-ready-for-launch and onto the regular cadence of doing the science. A great combination of relief and excitement!

Our thanks go out to all the folks at SpaceX, NASA KSC and NASA HQ that bring this grand event to reality. A lot of work, done by a whole lot of people, makes this happen. We are fortunate to be a part.

SpaceX-5 headed to orbit. Taken from Gainesville on Anna-Lisa's iPhone

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