Saturday, January 31, 2015

Second LMM Imaging Session: Video of astronaut closing up the LMM

Here is a part of the process that we have not been able to show previously. This video shows the front window of the glovebox that holds the stage of the LMM. You can see our petri plate sitting on the stage (it is sitting flat in this perspective, presenting a side view with the white tape wrap visible, just to the left of the glove).Later in the video you can see CDR Wilmore swing the glovebox and LMM back into the FIR rack in preparation for closing up the rack panels. Once this is complete the rack is powered on and the team from GRC takes over to command the images.


  1. This looks good and interesting, I am very much interested in knowing more about it. Going to bookmark your blog to read more such articles. Thank you for sharing it

  2. Subject of space has always seemed very curious to me and I've always wanted to know more and more about it. The video shown in this is really interesting.

  3. I am so interested in space and the planets and what type of structure and feel is of the other planets. Is there land or water, or are there people like us. Please post more videos of the space and related stuff.