Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Scrub today and reload for the 9th

As you are likely aware, Spx-5 did not launch today. Current plans are for launch on Jan 9.

So what happens to the APEX plates that were sitting in Dragon? For this scrub scenario, the APEX kits (the blue Nomex bags with the plates) will be destowed from Dragon but will stay in the care of the Cold Stow team until the next load. What this means for the APEX launch team (us from UF and also the KSC folks) is that only part of the long process of loading will be undone - rather than reset from the beginning we re-back only to the point where the plates and kits are safe in the hands of Cold Stow. That is a benefit of dealing with seeds, seeds that are primed to germinate but that will stay dormant until they get to ISS,

Other experiments are not quite so fortunate and will have to completely reload all their samples. So they will be hustling to re-prepare for the 9th. We have about another week of time before we would have to reback all the way to planting new plates.

If wishing could make it so...

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