Monday, January 5, 2015

Dragon is loaded and ready to go!

Through the weekend, we from UF and all the folks at KSC have been working through our loading checklists and procedures. Taking care of checking and packing the plates, signing the official documents, and loading the plates into their nomex bags that then get packed by the Cold Stow folks for launch. It is a long process for sure, but it is fun to see it all come together. And not just for our experiment either! As the turnovers proceeds, more and more science teams see each other as the packages are combined for loading.

Here are the UF Space Plants all dressed up and ready to go. The plates are grouped and stowed for each experiment segment. All were then packed in a cold bag for launch and then will be brought out to ambient when the astronauts initiate the APEX-03 experiment on the ISS.

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