Thursday, January 29, 2015

and busier...

Well, we survived the first set (flight and ground) of LMM operations – one set down, two to go. We need to keep long and unusual hours, and we trade off shifts to allow the other to get some rest. Being from Florida, driving to the base at 0200 in the snow is a new reality… As said earlier – we are busy, but it is the price of being able to do exciting science in an amazing environment.

Below is a composite image of one of the roots we collected with the orbital LMM this week. It shows a section of root expressing two different fluorescent gene reporters, one tracked with GFP and the other tracked with RFP. The white light image is stacked with the red and green images to produce this map off gene expression and adaptation to spaceflight.

Also below is a time lapse movie of astronaut Cdr. Butch Wilmore working with our experiment,captured with a cell phone from one of the monitors. We have already posted some snippets of his operations, but the time-lapse is pretty fun to watch.
Some of the corresponding Ground Control operations can be seen below as well; Allison Mjoen of KSC is the pseudonaut.

and finally, a small look at the outside of GRC building 333, which houses the LMM GIU and the Telescience Support Center.

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  1. This is a truly exciting experiment. I appreciate your dedication towards the project. I hope your experiments are a success and you are able to add to the world of science.