Friday, April 25, 2014

Video - Our 2010 Experiments on the ISS

Over the coming weeks, our experiments aboard the ISS will be unpacked and activated by an ISS astronaut, and then manipulated from the ground via the Light Microscopy Module.

In 2010, we had the pleasure of working with astronaut Jeffrey Williams on the ISS. In the video above, you can watch Jeff work with one of our experiments. Using methods and actions similar to what goes on in labs here at the University of Florida, Jeff is harvesting plants, taking pictures, recording the data and placing the plants in fixation tubes to preserve them – in this case for their ride back to earth and UF.

The video shows him working in the ISS US Laboratory Module at a bench-like facility called the Maintenance Work Area - it has velcro and widget attachments to hold tools and samples in place. Jeff, like most all of the astronauts we have met, is a superb lab rat who cares deeply about conducting good science. (Actually, he looks pretty much like a typical graduate student, except that he is floating more than most of the students in our labs.)

The video is a little long and is green at the beginning. Fast forward to about 2:00 minutes to get to the action.

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