Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Update - Experiment Activation will happen on the ISS, Wednesday 4/30

The timeline for the Dragon capsule stay at the ISS is now established, setting in place the timeline for the CARA experiments. Astronaut Steve Swanson has set up the area in the ISS where the Petri plates with the plants will grow. Wednesday at 6 a.m EDT he will activate the experiment by pulling the plates out of cold stowage and exposing them to light to start the seeds germinating.

Here are images of the Petri plates, wrapped in black cloth to prevent seed germination, being loaded into the Double Cold Bag just before being placed in Dragon before launch. To activate the experiment Steve Swanson will open the cold bag, remove the temperature control cold blocks, then pull out the wrapped Petri plates. After they warm up he will unwrap them from the black cloth and mount them in the ISS.

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